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By 2025, to enable a measurable positive impact of worker happiness in over 100 organizations around the globe.


To deliberate best practice in business, science, technology and software development for global wellbeing.

Our Value Proposition

Bhutan Data Scientists Pvt. Ltd. offers a unique data science service for socially conscious tech companies with breakthrough ideas that are shaping our future. We focus data science applications that align a company's goals with the benefits of becoming an integral part of the economic and social fabric. Our data driven solutions are infused with the tradition and wisdom of eastern philosophy, combined with the state-of-the-art data science tools and techniques for the effective and efficient management of digital data assets related to happiness at work. We are work environment specialists using data science to map individual, organisational and even national happiness. Bhutan Data Scientists is the original and leading data science service provider focused on work environment happiness.

Wondering where to start?... Start with the Happiness Analysis Program

The Happiness Analysis Program is a 20 day program that involves leading edge data science. It is for organizations that recognize the importance of an inclusive, holistic, equitable, sustainable and balanced development of organizational well-being. It is an assessment study with a tailor fit action plan and execution of holistic data driven solutions.

The program guarantees an increase in worker well-being, aided by data-driven effectiveness and efficiency and maximizing the utilization of available data science tools and technologies.

The program is for business and governmental entities that recognize the value of happiness in their work place. It is for those that support the paradigm of the "happiness agenda" and are looking for a holistic approach to integrating data science at a global scale.

Getting Started

We deliver our value propositions through our 20 day Happiness Analysis Program. A detailed list of activities are given below.

Happiness Analysis

Assess and analyze the current well-being of the organizational community using leading methods of wellbeing assessment around the world, including Bhutan's Gross National Happiness Indicators. This process results in the identification of the individual and environmental conditions that contribute to the wellness of an organization.

Data Driven Recommendations

A recommendation report will detail your position in relation to four main components of data, tools, systems and skill sets. The report will provide recommendations regarding the following:

  1. First and foremost, will be recommendations for getting any disorganized data in order. This involves not only an understanding of the data available and needed, but also the necessary processes surrounding the data.
  2. Secondly, we provide recommendations for deployment of the appropriate tools, or technological capabilities. This includes machine learning, natural language processing and network analysis algorithms, amongst others, to find out what the data is saying or could say about patterns and behavior.
  3. Thirdly, we provide recommendations for additional and necessary intelligent automation systems to facilitate robotic automation.
  4. Fourthly, we provide recommendations on training staff with the right and relevant skill sets in the area of Data Stewardship, Data Analytics and Data Visualization.

Technology and Approach

The proposed data science engagement for the Happiness Analysis Program will utilize a web-based application called OccIDEAS. OccIDEAS is a state-of-the-art occupational exposure assessment analysis tool that has been customized to carry out the happiness survey projects smoothly and efficiently.

Full Happiness Agenda Program

After the 20 day program is complete, for those looking to gain long term results we have an extensive 12 month data-driven Happiness Agenda Program.

How We Deliver Sustainable Results

We deliver sustainable results through a 12 months data management project focused on conditions for happiness. A breakdown of detailed list of activities against each month are given below.




1 st Month

Data Dive

This month of the data management plan is known as the data dive. It focuses on identifying the current data sources and software tools being used and available at your organisation related to individual and environmental happiness.

2 nd Month

Technology Upgrades

This month will focus on technological upgrades such as the integration of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and analytics dashboards via mobile and web-based systems.

3 rd Month

Data Centralization

This month will focus on holistic normalisation of your happiness data ecosystem to ensure that information is stored centrally and not duplicated across systems and departments. Data duplication can result in needless double entry as well as resulting in out-dated, incorrect information.

4 th Month

Data Cleaning

This month will focus on cleaning up your data. We will use tailor made data cleaning tools to detect and correct corrupt or inaccurate records. Using custom built tools, Python and Java we will be identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the dirty data.

5 th Month

Statistical Analysis

This month will focus on generating complete, accurate statistical reports on nine domains of the happiness ecosystem. The current nine domains of happiness include: (1) psychological wellbeing, (2) health, (3) education, (4) time use, (5) cultural diversity and resilience, (6) good governance, (7) community vitality, (8) ecological diversity and resilience, and lastly (9) living standards.

6 th Month

Predictive Analytics

This month will focus on trend analysis and predictive analytics in work place individual and environmental happiness.

7 th Month

Intelligent Automation

This month will focus on the development of intelligent automation systems. Using robotic process automation tools, we will identify and automate any appropirate rule based processes that support increases in happiness.

8 th Month

Enhanced Reports and Recommendations

This month will focus on developing and delivering strategic happiness reports and recommendations based on the data-driven results established in the previous months.

9 th Month

Real-Time Happiness Analysis

This month will focus on developing web and mobile applications that link directly to your happiness data repositories to give real-time reports on organizational happiness.

10 th Month

Interactive visualization

This month will focus on using the latest tools and techniques in interactive data visualisation. Your organizations Happiness Champions will be working closely with our experienced data scientists we will facilitate the discovering the unknown, unknowns of your happiness data ecosystem.

11 th Month

Review Happiness

This month will focus on reviewing the trends and predictions your organisation happiness.

12 th Month

Training and Hand Over

This month will focus on any further data science training required for your Happiness Champions to continue the measurement, analysis and growth of individual and organizational happiness.

Our Projects, So Far...

Our team has over 30 years experience working with revolutionary organizations from around the globe.

World Trading Blockchain (Global)

Provided project management and data-driven solutions desing for the World Trading Blockchain (WTB) project. This project involved the development of a decentralized, distributed, indestructible world trade center that enabled the digital transactions of anything, anywhere, any time. Supporting central banks with and integrated a global digital currency (XDR) and supporting software solution that increases the ease in which central banks maintain economic stability. This 5 year project aims to establish several commodity exchanges in Australia, Europe, North America, MENA and Asia supported by liquidity providers to perform the exchange of the digital currency to the local fiat currencies.

Royal Monetary Authority (Bhutan)

Conducted a thorough data science study of Bhutan's Central Bank, RMA, and recommend a robust, sustainable, and scalable technology led data ecosystem to aid RMA in performing advanced data-driven monetary policy decisions.

Conscious Karma Coin (CKC) (Bhutan)

Imagine a world where everyone was rewarded fairly for supporting contributions to prolonging the life of the earth. The community of Bhutan is a remarkable country that has been making such contributions for as long as recorded history shows. With a history that can be traced back as early as 2000 BC, this is truly a remarkable achievement in sustainable success. This “sustainable success” is something that other leaders of the world are becoming desperate to unlock for themselves and their empires. Bhutan has a unique and distinct position to lead the way in a new fair trade using existing and freely available technologies in cryptocurrencies, blockchain security and machine learning. The development of the Conscious Karma Coin CKC will provide Bhutan with continued sustainable success and within 2 years of execution clear all national debts.

Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

Provided award winning services for leading the data science project to build a big data infrastructure for the Creative Industries Faculty. This project was the leading-edge in the digital humanitarian movement and allows emergency response and disaster recovery units to prevent and minimize the impact of disasters.

National Cancer Institute (United States)

The National Cancer Institute ran an advanced epidemiology study, AsiaLymph, in the fight against Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in Asia. We provide support to the AsiaLymph study with the advanced technology for performing computer assisted personal interview (CAPI). This system incorporates an occupational history data collection system (OccIdeas) to ascertain occupational, family, medical, and residential histories. Specific exposure modules in the CAPI will be triggered in response to certain combinations of industry and job title for certain types of occupational solvents (e.g., benzene, OCs, TCE). We continue to provide key services in the implementation an support of this technology infrastructure which has been reported to consequently decrease the time to publish by a year or more.

Health and Wealth Unity Systems (Global)

Using data analytics to identify the correlations between health (population and environmental) and wealth (macroeconomics). Using a balanced and holistic approach of eastern philosophies focusing on wellbeing, together with western philosophies promoting success through material growth this data-driven system prepares for a new economy that transcends the old ways.

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